Printer ink cartridges: why you're paying more but getting a lot less ...


This is a list of companies who produce or have produced digital printers. This list includes only those companies who have actually designed and manufactured . Sep 6, 2012. I will say—and printer companies do not like hearing this— that I have been playing with various brands of clone inks for 20 years and I've . Nov 13, 2013. These are the companies which have amassed both the scale and scope to continue their profitable growth. I would steer away from the other . Oct 22, 2013. Printer companies have put forth their own arguments in the past, attempting to justify the high cost of official ink cartridges and microchips that . I have compiled a list of publicly traded companies that one should consider researching if they plan on investing in 3d printing stocks. There are many aspects . I never imagined that the page (now multiple pages) would have gotten the.. Companies have threatened in the past to void printer warranties when not using  . Oct 3, 2012. Printer ink has a dark side to it. It often costs more to buy a replacement cartridge than to buy a whole new printer. Now ink companies have a . Feb 23, 2013. Big printer companies are accused of 'squeezing ever-increasing. "The big printer manufacturers have reduced the amount of ink in a .

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