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Jun 23, 2009. Custom field roll-down is from resource or task custom fields to assignments. An assignment roll-down means that an assignment custom field . Creating Lookup Tables and Enterprise Custom Fields. Assignment Roll-down Custom Fields. Formulas and Graphical Indicators. Custom Fields and OLAP . Click Roll down unless manually entered if the contents of this custom field are to be distributed across assignments, for example, in the Task Usage view or . Oct 3, 2013. The column pool tables in the RDB aggregate custom field data for projects, resources, tasks, assignments, and timesheets, thereby making . Jan 23, 2008. There has been a number of people asking how to read assignment enterprise custom field values with VBA. In fact, we ran into this issue . TestRail's custom fields feature allows you to add your own fields to TestRail's. You can add one or more assignments to a custom field, specifying different . Jul 22, 2012. I want to maintain this functionality, but I want the issue to be assigned to another user based on a value in a select list custom field. Help much . One common problem people face with project is that there are three classes of custom fields; task fields, assignment fields and resource fields. If you are in a .

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