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Jun 23, 2009. Custom field roll-down is from resource or task custom fields to assignments. An assignment roll-down means that an assignment custom field . Creating Lookup Tables and Enterprise Custom Fields. Assignment Roll-down Custom Fields. Formulas and Graphical Indicators. Custom Fields and OLAP . Oct 3, 2013. The column pool tables in the RDB aggregate custom field data for projects, resources, tasks, assignments, and timesheets, thereby making . Aug 2, 2005. One common problem people face with project is that there are three classes of custom fields; task fields, assignment fields and resource fields. You can copy the custom fields you create to other project files and you can also delete any custom attributes you've assigned to a custom field in the Organizer . The Text1 through Text30 fields are custom fields that store any text information you want to include in your project about tasks, resources, or assignments. Jan 23, 2008. There has been a number of people asking how to read assignment enterprise custom field values with VBA. In fact, we ran into this issue . I've managed to create custom Task Fields named Urgency and. fields to calculate assignment fields (pairing of tasks and resources).

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