Creating Custom Groups in Microsoft Project - For Dummies


If you don't need an entirely new custom field, you can also simply rename. if the contents of this custom field are not to be distributed across assignments. Jun 23, 2009. Custom field roll-down is from resource or task custom fields to assignments. An assignment roll-down means that an assignment custom field . Aug 2, 2005. If Not t Is Nothing Then For Each a In t.Assignments 'change the following line to use 'for a different custom field a.Text5 = t.Text5 Next a. End If May 31, 2013. You can then add the Custom Field to a Resource Assignment view to show the . Views, select Summary under Resource Assignments. The type of a custom field specifies what kind of information the field can store and. You can add one or more assignments to a custom field, specifying different . Sep 15, 2011. Quite frequently I see questions relating to new task level custom fields added to the My assignments view on the Tasks page or the Timesheet . There are two sets of custom fields against assignments. or the resource usage view, then it's the resource.assignments field you're updating. For example, you might create a group that shows the field name (such as Baseline Work) and a field type (such as Tasks, Resources, or Assignments) in a  .

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